Indian Ambassador Dr. Jaishankar Visited SZU

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On October 28th, 2009, Indian Ambassador Dr. Jaishankar escorted by Indian Consul General at Guangzhou visited SZU. SZU President Zhang and Vice President Ruan met with the guests at 205, president office. President Zhang first gave a warm welcome the guests and expressed the thankfulness to Indian Embassy’s support to the founding of SZU Center of Hindu Studies and Tan Yunshan Sino-Hindu Friendship Gallery. He commended the rapid growth of India and recalled some episodes he experienced about how Indian people became important professionals in the developed countries. He told the guests that both India and China were great civilizations with long history and it was very necessary to promote the exchanges between the two giant countries. He said it was with the help of Indian Embassy and the former Ambassador that SZU could found Center of Hindu Studies and Tan Yunshan Sino-Hindu Friendship Gallery, and he believed the exchange between our two countries would be more successful in the future and he expected there would be collaborations between SZU and some Indian universities. He invited the ambassador to give lectures to SZU students in the meantime.



Ambassador Jaishankar said it was his first time to visit South China since he came to office two months ago. As a new ambassador to China, he was amazed and inspired the achievements that China has made. He said that due to some similar experiences people of India often related themselves with the progress of Chinese people. And overseas Indians helped with the opening of the country and bridged India to the developed countries and now many of them have returned because of opportunities in India. He mentioned nearly half million people of India visited China and more than 7,000 Indian students came to China to pursue studies and this number would certainly increase as the cooperation in higher education between China and India becomes closer and closer. The ambassador commented that SZU is an active university as it was shown by the founding of Hindu Studies Center and Tan Yun-shan Friendship Gallery.  After the meeting, the two sides exchanges gifts. The ambassador was also escorted to see the Tan Yunshan Sino-Hindu Friendship Gallery in SZU library.

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