A Five-year Plan


Centre for Indian Studies will make great efforts to become more influential professional institute in the field of Indian studies within 3-5 years based on the present achievements.

(1) Improve the organizational structure. In accordance with the principles of “Small Kernel, Large Extension”, CIS will establish a professional research team and strive to change from a key research institute on humanities and social sciences in SZU to the provincial and ministerial level.

(2) Implement Memorandum of Understanding Made and Entered into by and between Indian Council for Cultural Relations and Shenzhen University on the Establishment of the ICCR Chair of Humanities & Social Sciences (from June 12, 2012 to Jan. 31, 2016).

(3) Undertake the Inter-translation of Chinese and Indian Classics and the Hindi Translation of Tao Te Jing, and organize the first-level Chinese and Indian scholars to take part in such great projects.

(4) Fulfill the Academic Exchange History of Chinese and Indian Literature which is one of the sub-project of the key project of National Social Science Fund (09&ZD071).

(5) Successfully co-sponsor the 4th International Conference of China-South Asia Cultural Forum.

(6) Give more support to the composition of Encyclopaedia of Sino-Indian Cultural Exchanges which is a project of Sino-Indian government gazettes.

(7) Translate and publish Buddhist Paintings of Tun-huang in the National Museum, New Delhi.

(8) Publish Exchange History of Chinese and Indian Literature.

(9) Accomplish Textual Criticism on the Relation between Gandhara Carving Art and Folk Literature which is a key project of National Social Science Fund (09BWW025).

(10) Give assistance to the publication of the Complete Collection of Rabindranath Tagore’s Works which consists of 16 volumes and will be published by Orient Press. Prof. Yu Longyu is its adviser.

(11) Accomplish the sub-project "Foreign Think Tank and the Corpus of the Studies on Overseas Policies towards China: India" of the commission-project of National Social Science Foundation "Dynamic Corpus of Chinese Culture Spreading Overseas".

(12) Accomplish the Indian Myths and History of the Series of Books of Myths, a provincial level project of Guangdong.

(13) Organize several small-sized international academic seminars.

(14) Well establish and maintain CIS’s website.

(15) Give supports to SZU to establish Confucius institutes, Chinese Culture Institutes or Chinese Language Institutes in India. 

(16) Organize the publication of the Series of Books of Chinese and Indian Studies.

(17) Publish Tan Yunshan.

(18) Establish a Special Fund for Sino-Indian Art Exchanges.

(19) Successively set up the following qualified courses:

Comparison of Eastern and Western Culture (open)

History of Sino-Indian Cultural Relations

 Appreciation of Indian Visual Arts

Appreciation of Indian Audio Arts

Appreciation of Indian Movies (open)

An Introduction to Indian Culture (open)

 Indian Religions and Myths

Indian and Chinese Buddhism

Guidance to Indian Classics ( Present Analysis of Manu-smirti, open)



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